Teen Sun Bed Danger

Sun beds are a popular way for teen girls to get a tan even when it is still winter. But, when the weather gets warm they flock like seagulls to them. What they might not realize is that they are at risk of skin cancer from sun beds, just like they are from the sun.

If your teen girl wants to look her best and has discussed heading to the tanning bed, you may have to intervene with a few facts that can help save her life. Here are a few tips to help you get the ball rolling on the subject.

* Let her know that you are concerned about her health – Many parents simply forbid kids to do something without talking about their reasons why. If you want your child to respect your decision, help them to understand it. The issue of sun beds is one that they will deal with their entire lives, not just now. Your decision to keep her from using them is not because you don’t want her to look good but you want her to be safe.

* Discuss skin cancer – Surely she has heard about it before, but it can stand to be repeated. The sun emits UVA and UVB rays. Both are damaging to the outer and deeper layers of the skin. Getting a tan is a form of damage to the skin as you turn it darker temporarily. Teens are not immune to the effects of skin cancer from unprotected sun exposure.

* Talk about other options – It is always good to bring options to the table. Discuss monitored use of the sun bed for short periods of time. If she wants to go, be sure that she uses sunscreen and that you will go with her. Some tanning salons do not monitor the ages of the girls coming in or the time they spend under the hot lights. As a responsible parent, you can go with her to make sure she is being safe.

* Use spray tanning – Another option that doesn’t involve getting irradiated by the sun is to use a sunless tanning process. Even tanning salons offer spray tanning as an alternative. A professional job can last for as long as she needs it to (for a special event). Be sure to wear a mask so you don’t inhale fumes from the sprayer.

Tanning is one of the ways that we can develop skin cancer. Sun beds are just as much a contributor to those statistics. If your teen girl wants a tan, warn her of the dangers of sun beds and offer possible alternatives to get the look she wants.

For more information on Teen Sun Bed safety, please go to Sunbed Safety.