The Clear Skin Diet

Living with acne can be quite difficult, emotionally and psychologically. When one thinks of acne, most people think of hormonal changes during teenage years. Did you know that more and more adults also develop this skin problem, especially women. This is most likely down to our modern diet, full of fats, sugars, processed foods, lack of fresh fruit and vegetables and fibres.

The Clear Skin diet is a well-researched book on the effect of poor nutrition on our skin. You will learn about acne, its causes and conventional treatment options. Why some foods can increase the occurrence of acne and how others, such as anti-inflammatory foods and those rich in antioxidants and certain herbs can help to clear up your skin and are beneficial to the healing process.

The book is jam-packed with in-depth information on acne. But it also gives you an action plan to put into place to start the process of clearing your skin. It includes acne-preventive recipes, food supplements, dietary requirements and even ideas on stress management and the positive effect this can have on your skin.

This is a very informative resource written by Alan C. Logan (a board-certified naturopath physician) and Valori Treloare, MD, Dermatologist. If you or anybody you know suffers from acne, it is certainly worthwhile reading this book, understanding the science behind skin and diet and the changes you can make for a clearer skin.