The Healthiest Kid In the Neighborhood

The Healthiest Kid in the Neighborhood is a great resource on how to make vital nutritional choices for your family. It is written by "America's pediatrician", Dr William Sears, together with his wife, Martha Sears, and his two paediatrician sons, Drs. James and Robert Sears. It's a book on how to prevent diseases and enjoy a healthy lifestyle full of energy and vitality.

Inside the book you will find practical and down-to-earth advice on how to shape your young children's tastebuds, how to make vital nutritional changes to help your child live a healthy lifestyle, how to feed your family the right carbs and the right fats, why omega 3 fatty acids are essential to a growing brain. Learn how to cook with immunity-boosting foods. I particularly like the section on food shopping with your kids. In there, you'll find lots of great tips on how to spot the best foods in the food aisles in your supermarket, i.e. be supermarket savvy, and how to keep your kids safe from marketing lures and ploys.

The section on Recipes offers mouth-watering and super-healthy snacks, dinners and lunches and desserts. They are a great way of introducing healthy and wholesome food to your family and why not start by cooking together? This is not only a fun family activity, but I am sure your kids will be much more likely to eat their own home-cooked food.