Too Much Exercise?

In order to grow stronger physically, you need to train your body. Training involves challenging your body to do more than it has done in the past. There are many methods of training but with the same goal in mind – improved fitness.

Training regimens often follow a few simple rules if they are to bring success.

* Rest – Especially with weight training, leaving a day between training the same body part allows the muscle to repair itself.

* Recovery – High intensity training depletes the muscles of electrolytes needed for repair. Eating foods that contain the missing electrolytes restore and revitalize the body to keep going.

* Hydration – A large part of the body consists of water. Therefore, it is essential that certain levels be maintained so that the body can function properly. Without proper fluid, the organ systems will eventually shut down.

* Muscle confusion – The body will eventually get used to the same routine and development will stop. Challenge the muscles with a variety of activities to work all areas for even toning.

For some, there is a fine line between training smart and overtraining. The thought process is that training more often will increase their performance. To that end, some of the basic attributes of a proper training program are neglected.

Signs of Overtraining

The body is a machine that will function how it is supposed to as long as you give it what it needs. When the machine is pushed too far it begins to break down. Overtraining can result in a performance and physique that is growing backwards – you will weaken instead of gaining strength.

How will you know when this is happening to you? One sign is exhaustion. Exercise may be tiring right after you have finished, but overall, it is an energizing activity. If this changes, then that is a clear indicator that something else is going on.

You are prone to injuries when you exercise compulsively. Rest like taking a day off from training allows the body to repair muscles so that they are stronger the next time. Without proper time for this, not only muscles, but bones, tendons and ligaments can experience sprains, strains and breaks. Now, you are going to be prohibited from training for more than one rest day.

Your performance progressively gets worse. This can be frustrating but the answer is not to exercise more. Remember your training. The muscle is not suffering on that rest day. Less can be more when it comes to training smarter and not necessarily harder.

Overtraining can lead to poor performance and dangerous injuries. If you are suffering from the signs of compulsive exercise, see a doctor. A professional may be able to help you get back on track with a healthy training program.