What Is The Trager Approach?

The Trager Approach is a type of body movement that has been shown to rid the body of neuromuscular pain. The method was developed by Milton Trager, MD, over the course of his sifty-five-year career. To gain the benefits of his knowledge, you can find a Trager practitioner in your area.

The Trager Approach was developed by a young man who had his own physical obstacles to overcome. Milton Trager overcame spinal deformities as a child to become a gymnast and dancer. One of his first success stories was his boxing trainer.

The Trager Approach has two phases: the passive phase called table work and the active face trademarked as Mentastics™. Both phases combine to create easier movement within your body.

Who can benefit from the Trager Approach? Milton worked on anyone who would let him demonstrate his techniques on them. He even worked on his father who suffered from sciatica and a childhood friend who suffered from paralysis due to polio. All sorts of neuromuscular conditions that have been the result of accidents, physical or emotional trauma or stress are within the realms of the technique according to the founder.

The purpose of the Trager Approach is to remove the deep-seated patterns from our bodies. When we experience different situations, patterns develop in our brains and our bodies. They can become so ingrained that different pains result. Milton Trager worked to remove these patterns through movement. The results: patients reported deeper relaxation in their body, mental clarity and physical movement where they previously had none.

The technique is non-invasive. Participants can remain fully clothed if they wish or undress down to a swimsuit or briefs. Additional covering is supplied. There are no body oils or creams used either.

The point of the movements is to remain natural and gentle. There are no forced positions or movements performed in the session. A typical session lasts anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half. During the passive phase (table work), the participant lies on a table and watches as their body is maneuvered through a series of natural movements. There should be no pain felt by the participant at any point.

The second phase, Mentastics, is where the participant gets involved in the Trager Approach. The movements are done on their own to reinforce what was already accomplished with the table work. Several times throughout the day, the movements can be performed to relieve feelings of stress and tension within the body.

To gain maximum benefit, more than one session of table work is needed. But, the Mentastics can be used as reinforcement at any time.

Only certified practitioners are permitted to perform the Trager Approach. You can find out about practitioners in your area on the website

The Trager approach is one approach to healing aches and pains. Practitioners are trained to use non-invasive painless movements to remove patterns that have been ingrained in our bodies and minds to release better, pain-free living.