What Are Vitamin D Snacks?

When it comes to preserving your bone against osteoporosis, not only do you need calcium but also vitamin D.

Vitamin D and calcium work hand in hand to keep your bones strong and healthy. Calcium as you know comes from dairy products like milk and cheese and also eggs. Vitamin D is usually gotten from exposure to the sun.

It is much easier to get your vitamin D in this method, but that was before we knew that the sun’s rays could be harmful. In lieu of baking in the sun and becoming a candidate for skin cancer, you can gain the vitamin D you need from foods. If you’ve got the calcium end taken care of, don’t worry about spending too much time in the sun.

When it comes to snacking, less is more as long as it is nutrient dense. These foods stay on longer, keeping hunger at bay. Here are a few snacks that are rich in vitamin D.

1. Milk contains vitamin D. Isn’t this great? You can get both your calcium and vitamin D in the same place. Drinking fortified milk also provides a healthy dose of vitamin A.

2. Salmon is good for you. Snacking on salmon may consist of eating it just like tuna fish. Mix a bit with light or fat-free mayonnaise and spread on a cracker for a mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack. Cold water fish are also high in omega-3 fatty acids which strengthen immunity and protect your heart. Other fish may also contain vitamin D. If you don’t like salmon, try tuna steaks.

3. Cereal is fortified with vitamin D. if you don’t want to go into sugar shock, choose the cereals that contain whole grains and other nutrients. A cereal with vitamin D added is what is known as a functional food. Eat a small bowl with some milk for your mid-morning break so you won’t get hungry before lunch.

4. Eggs are good for your vitamin D needs. At one time they were saying that eggs had too much cholesterol and were not good for you. But, eggs contain vitamin D which you need to help build strong bones. Avoid the extra calories from frying an egg by eating them hard-boiled.

5. Any snack food fortified with vitamin D is good to eat. You may have to look long and hard for these. There are some yogurts that may have vitamin D added, especially if they are made with whole milk. Check the labels to be sure.

Are you getting enough vitamin D? If not, then your body may also be getting robbed of bone protection from sufficient calcium levels. Use your snacks as a way to get the vitamin D that you need from food.