Start a Walking Group

Getting in shape can be a fun process. Most people would agree that it is even more fun and less effort when you have others along to lean on. Jumpstart your fitness regimen and your friends' with a walking group.

Why Walking?

First of all, walking is inexpensive. You are born with everything that you need to get started. Well, almost everything – a good pair of walking shoes is a plus. Walking is not hard. You put one foot in front of the other, moving from heel to toe, until you reach your destination.

Your heart and lungs get a great workout when you walk. Swinging your arms increases your heart rate for more fat burn. Walking up hills works the lower body to achieve shapely thighs and a tight butt. As your body gets used to the exercise, you can increase the intensity by walking faster or on a tougher course.

A Walking Group

It is more fun to walk with someone than alone. When one person falters, you can encourage him or her to keep going. A walking group, made up of friends and family who have the same goals of improving health that you do, is a great way to make walking even more fun.

Start forming your walking group by asking questions. Who is interested in working out with a partner? Is walking for you? Anyone that shows interest in walking in a group can be given an additional question form to work out some of the details before you begin.

Once you have interest from others, decide on a time that you can meet and walk. Time is precious to everyone, especially moms with kids. The walking group may have to meet in the evenings during the week and in the mornings on the weekend.

Also, deciding where you will walk is important. Everyone may have a nice neighborhood but a neutral location that is equal distance from everyone would make a better choice for a walking trail. Consider places like parks, malls and designated walking trails to use for your walking group.

Now that you have a place and a time, you can get started. Hold an initial meeting. The purpose of your walking group is to have fun and get in shape. In the meeting, discuss if the group will take turns providing water and snacks for each walk. How many times a week will you walk?

As the originator of the group, you will be in charge of getting information to the group about changes. If you aren’t available to walk one day, designate another member to take over and get things organized.

A walking group not only provides motivation for one another but is also a fun and relaxed environment to get in shape. Give your friends and family something to look forward to by exercising together.